The way students are thinking and contemplating has a great impact on their personality, how they learn and perceive information from the outer world. There are many promising students, but it’s only from the first glance. If some of them do not improve themselves – they stop being interested. Life and success is not only about good grades and excellent paper works. It is about real life situations, communicating with people, finding out who you are. Why you living now? What is your life aim? Why you should go to university? Why you should start a family? Your mindset will help to answer all those questions.

It’s so important to teach your students to understand everything. There should be consciousness with every action and word. Every action should have its aim. Your students should understand that everything in this world depends on them. If something happens they deserve it. Everyone gets what he orders. The Universe knows what to do. If you are striving for the best, you will become better, if you are full of desire to become a millionaire you will become him. The Universe will certainly help, but you should show your motivation and good-intended mindset in order to get help from it.


It’s really a simple word, but you might ask what it means. Your mindset is a collection of various thoughts, beliefs that form your thinking habit. The way you think is reflected in everything: what you feel, what you do, what you think. Your mindset is the reflection of your world’s perception and your own perception in it. A mindset is really quite a big deal in the human body. It is an inevitable part of every student. To understand what a mindset is, first we need to understand what is attitude and belief.


Your attitude is a fixed way of feeling or thinking of someone, which is noticed in a behavior. According to the psychologists attitude is a learned tendency to estimate things around in a particular way. One can evaluate people, events, objects and issues. These evaluations can be both positive and negative. Sometimes they can be uncertain. For example, you may have quite mixed feelings concerning some girl or boy at university.


A belief is a feeling of certainty concerning something. An idea is a basement block for building beliefs. It’s important to understand on what your beliefs are based on. Beliefs form your attitude toward particular things. This also influences your mindset.


Mindset is crucial for contemporary students. Due to developed mindset they can reach a lot in their life and understand all the secrets on this Earth. One can distinguish 2 different kinds of mindset: fixed mindset and growth mindset.


A person who has a growth mindset is likely to be eager to learn everything from people surrounding him. He knows what he wants and is doing everything to reach it. The failure is seen as a chance to learn something. This person is open to everything new and unknown. Challenges are welcomed.
Now you understand that a growth mindset is really significant while facing obstacles, learning new things and embracing unknown. It is not just looking for writing help websites and neither figuring out a shortcut to the closest library. It’s possible to develop your growth mindset. Start accepting challenges in your life, exclude such expressions from your speech as “I can’t do this or that”, forget about the word perfect, you should improve yourself each day, open yourself to everything new.


A person with a fixed mindset will likely avoid any challenges, he is not eager to deal with setbacks. He will certainly hide his mistakes. He is sure that there are no opportunities in any area, they are limited to him. The mind of this person is full of negative thoughts. Such a person often uses in his/her speech “I can’t do this.” Having such a mindset for students is really bad, because it doesn’t let you to develop and improve. If you are exactly this type of a person, you should immediately start changing and train your growth mindset.

Posted by Adela Belin