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Difference between College and University – Which One to Choose

With two higher education options, every student must learn about difference between college and university before making the final choice. Apparently, a lot of people still misunderstand about what truly differs between them. Well, these people think university is funded by state while college is a private school. They even think taking degree in university is better than in college. Actually, those assumptions are not fully right.

Let’s start discussing difference between college and university the by defining a college. College is a smaller institution which only offers undergraduate degree. It can be 1-year and 2-year degree. Usually, this degree is used as basic degree by the student to continue to 4-year school in university. For instance, a student who is willing to learn astronomy will attend a degree in college to learn general science. Then, he/she transfers to university to attend 4-year astronomy degree. So, it’s true to conclude that college provides stepping stone for students to get higher degree in university. It confirms the important role of a college.

Usually, community colleges provide associate degrees and certificates and bachelor degrees occasionally. Most technical and community colleges provide programs with certain focus. The colleges are a level below university but the number of students can be as many as of universities.

Meanwhile, defining the university is the next thing to learn about the difference between college and university. University is defined as institution offering undergraduate and also graduate degrees. The graduate programs include master degree and doctorate degree. The university has also law and medical school for students who wish to pursue professional degree. And it also comes with more diverse program and curriculum.

It’s possible for college to receive the university status. But, it has to meet particular requirements. The first requirement is related to its organization. College has to offer graduate studies program for at least 5 years. And it has to be separated from undergraduate degrees. And, it should also be undergraduate degrees that lead to higher degrees such as bachelor degrees. The degrees should be in various academic subjects as well. The third requirement is related to the resources. These include equipment and facility and also financial resources that support both graduate and the professional programs. The fourth requirement is accreditation. It must receive accreditation from the state.

By learning the basics of difference between college and university, it should not be hard for you to make a choice for your higher degree.

Simple Tips on How to Find Scholarship

Education is expensive according to some people. People need to pay higher price when they want to study in some to universities. Actually when you are smart, you can study for free in all universities that you want by using scholarship. Unfortunately, applying scholarship is not an easy task for you. There are some long steps to finally get scholarship. You must be smart too to find scholarship that is suitable with your need. For all of you who don’t know how to find scholarship, you can get some tips here.

First tip on how to find scholarship is you need to search for scholarship as early as possible. Most of scholarships have deadline and most of them receive application submission before the deadline. When you start your scholarship early then you will be able to prepare all things better and you can also apply for some other scholarships.

Second, you can find scholarship by using scholarship search service. Today most students search for scholarship every day by using internet. You just need to use specific website that offers you reliable information about scholarship. Reliable website will be completed with form to apply scholarship, requirements to get scholarship and deadline information too. You can directly submit your application when you are qualified for scholarship.

Third, you will know how to find scholarship by looking for financial aids page of certain college’s or university’s website. You will get information about latest scholarship, deadline to submit application, requirement to apply scholarship and some other information. You can also see contact information to ask more things about the scholarships offered.

When you want to apply for certain scholarship, please make sure that you know how to write your scholarship application. Today there are some sites that offer you writing tips to apply scholarship. It helps you to have big possibility to get your scholarship.

The Barriers of Indonesian Students in Enhancing English Listening and Speaking Skills

In learning English language, there are four language skills which should be understood by young learners. The four language skills are writing, listening, speaking, and reading. In understanding the English language, the learners have to understand and master all of those basic aspects. From those four language skills, listening and speaking take the important and significant roles in daily communication and educational process. Listening and speaking are the most vital skills in the success of direct communication.

Listening plays an important role in communication as it is said that, of the total time spent on communicating, listening takes up 40-50%; speaking, 25-30%; reading, 11-16%; and writing, about 9% (Mendelsohn, 1994). It can be conclude that, without mastering the listening and speaking, the meaning and the message of communication cannot be gained and delivered completely. Listening involves an active process of deciphering and constructing meaning from both verbal and non-verbal messages (Nunan, 1998).

The problem which will rise if someone doesn’t have a good ability in listening skill is getting misunderstanding when communicating with others. In studying second language, listening becomes the most difficult aspect which should be mastered. The results of surveys show that listening is a skill which cannot be neglected. Based on the TOEFL test found that listening is the most difficult skill that has to be controlled by students in Indonesia. This case can be understood because most of Indonesian people especially students do not have any opportunity for listening English except trough the show in television, radio, and film.

Moreover, most of teacher in Indonesia doesn’t use English when they are delivering the material in the class. The English language teachers are accustomed in delivering the lesson by using Bahasa Indonesia. The teacher just uses English in written form, such as reading passage on the textbook. The students will have assumption that English is just a lesson which should be learned in written form. This habit can stimulate students that studying English doesn’t need listening skill in a real life situation. It is very rare to find the use of English conversation in the classroom activity. This is the paradigm which should be handled effectively in the right way.

The reason why Colleges and Colleges Are Using Personal Fairs pertaining to Recruitment

College and University – Any time colleges and colleges are trying to sponsor their subsequent college class, that they aim for your brightest and the top who will desire to attend their particular university. They are looking to attract people who can improve the campus. Discovering the right prospective and encouraging the crooks to apply to their particular college or university can be challenging, yet has gotten less complicated due to today’s technology. One of the latest developments is engaging on websites that supply virtual college gatherings for those about to seek a greater learning degree. There are many different ways in which college recruiters may use this structure to their benefit.

College and University


Digital college fairs have got changed the particular university recruitment price range. Where income was once allocated to traveling to person high educational institutions, the budget is now diversified to buy brand positioning in front of personal visitors. Digital college tours of the particular campus, social internet marketing and attendance to be able to individual gatherings or huge fairs along with other schools provides student interviewers more boom for their sale brand-wise and a larger return on your investment.

Reach Lots more people

For large schools that attract students throughout the country, internet sites with conversations and virtual college gala’s reach much more prospective than particular person trips to numerous cities and villages. Setting up a couple of specific times to talk with college students from the benefits of their own college is more effective and has a greater reach.

Conversing on a Various Level

Many high school juniors and senior citizens do everything online. This consists of looking at prospective schools. The brand new generation involving teens can be drawn to personal college fairs because it is something that is possible online and discussed using friends. Simply by meeting college students on programs where these are comfortable, colleges are able to contact potential job seekers on their amount.

Integrated Advertising and marketing

In addition to utilizing virtual college festivals to reach pupils, many educational institutions are still while using the traditional kinds of marketing their own schools to be able to students regarding college recruitment uses. Students that they can meet online are generally sent art print materials with the mail. Catalogues, pamphlets and words are shipped to the student in your own home to give this time to look over the materials and reveal them with their own parents. The particular virtual good is a starting place to find brand-new possibilities. A number of student recruiting teams remain visiting community high universities or country wide recognized prepares schools in order to meet with college students in person. From the contacts they’ve got made online, they could pinpoint which in turn schools have numerous students that could be interested in a great in-person visit, instead of going on consider your experience or just ordinary guessing. That’s all about College and University.

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