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How to Do Effective Studying

Studying is what we should do effectively. You should be able to find ways to make you get all the materials easily. You cannot actually learn all the materials in the night right before the test. That will only last temporarily and will be forgotten so easily too. It is possible that all of the materials that have been memorized are gone after you finish the exam. That is obviously not what you want, right? If you do not want that happen, then you have to try to get the most effective studying that will make you understand the materials, not just memorizing. That is why you need to study regularly. These are several ways to help you studying properly.

The first one to do effective studying is by trying to understand the material using your own words. You may get input from your teacher or textbook about an explanation of particular topic. What you need to do is understanding the materials completely and trying to create an explanation using your own words. Do not just memorizing them. Why is it like that? It is because if you have understood it, you will be able to explain it anytime. It is very different from memorizing the materials. If you just memorize them, then it means you do not really understand and you can easily forget the materials if you just memorizing what is written in the text book or your teacher word.

The next thing you can do is by asking several questions about the materials that you have not completely understood yet. It can be to your teacher, to your friends who have understood it or to someone who knows the materials so well. Asking many questions does not mean you are stupid. So, you do not need to worry about that

The next ways to do effective studying is by making summary about each topic. You need to be diligent by starting to make summary of the materials that have been taught. You just need to write the points of the topic and then later on you can read it and understand easily. If you want to do it easily, you better make the summary right after you got the materials. so, if you the final examination in the end of the semester come, you just need to take out all your summaries from the first topic until the last one and re-read them again. You will not spend too much time on understanding the materials because you have read it before.

Enjoying the Beach Party in Enhancing the Academic Achievements

Having study inside a class will make most students feel bored. Therefore, the outclass time is much needed to refresh and recharge the student’s physic and psychology. The outclass time has been consider for some school and college in enhancing the academic achievements. Holding a beach party is a scheduled study program which has been implemented by some schools and college in United States.

The summer time will be exploited by some college in New York to hold beach party to enhance the students’ academic achievements through an outclass study. The program of this beach party is not only focus in enjoyment and having fun. There is a session called Beach College which will teach some moral values and light lesson to the students. The concept of this beach party is combining the pleasure with lesson. This way can stimulate the students that studying can be done anywhere and cannot be limited by time and class. There is an elite private institution named Kingsborough Community College which makes the beach party as its routine program. The entire 18.000 students will be got in access to deal with this educated beach party. Every summer, this college has reserved some special spaces around the beach to hold this routine study program. The students’ academic potential will be always fresh and active even though in a summer holiday. This is one of aspects that have been considered by education institute. Some teachers find that most of their students get decreasing in academic grade achievement after having a long holiday. The long holiday is often and always exploited by most students just to have fun, game, travelling, and any enjoying activities. As the teacher, we never blame and prevent students to have those enjoyments. It has to be much considered that having pleasure must be in a good balance with the lesson learned. Even though the students have been insisted by their teacher to recall the lesson materials, the teacher cannot guarantee that their students do what the suggestion contained. The decreasing can be happened because there is no a monitoring and program in holiday like the Beach college program has done.

The Beach party is really a good idea which must be held routinely in every summer because of the great benefits for the teacher and students. The pleasure and lesson which are blended in a good planed program will be a good serving that can stimulate the students to get more academic achievements.

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