Teaching children to write can deliver a lot of advantages to children themselves. One significant advantage of teaching writing to children is helping them develop their confidence. Regarding the fact that writing can develop children’s confidence, there are some tips for parents about how to teach children to build their writing habit to develop their confidence.

  1. Inspiring the Children

In order to be able to build writing habit for developing children’s confidence, what parents should do before teaching them to write is inspiring their children. There are a lot of ways parents can use to get their children inspired by writing. One good way worth trying is reading. Through reading parents can inspire their children that writing is fun and advantageous. Besides, parents can inspire them by showing children some letters, journals, or fun articles.

  1. Note Writing

After leading your children to read and see some letters, journals, or articles, you can start teaching your children to write. It is more beneficial to start teaching them to write a short writing. Note writing is a good example of short writing which can build children’s writing habit for their confidence development. Teaching your children to write some short notes for parents, friends, or relatives can be a good start for them to write.

  1. Diary Writing

Another way to build your children’s confidence through writing habit is by teaching your children to write longer writing than just a note. Diary writing is an advantageous way of teaching writing to children to build their writing habit. Leading your children to write a diary or daily journal talking about their own daily experience, feeling, and wishes is necessary. It will show them that writing is fun and easy.

  1. Writing Challenge

If your children like to write dairy or daily journal about their daily experience, feeling, or anything, it is the right time for you to start a writing challenge. Writing challenge aims to motivate your children to write a lot and more seriously. You can make a writing challenge once a week with random topic your children like to discuss about. Then, you can ask your relatives to read the short articles your children have made and give them score. The one who gets higher score wins the challenge.

  1. Starting a Blog Writing

Instead of making writing challenge, you can also teach your children to start writing on a blog. Blog can be a good medium to help your children to be more confidence with themselves and their thoughts. Before you lead your children to write on a blog, it is necessary for you to tell your children that blog should be used wisely. They are allowed to write anything they like, but they have to make sure that their writing on the blog will not irritate anyone who read it. By doing so, your children will get motivated to write positively and they will get more confident because their writing now can be seen by many people around the world.

Teaching children to write will bring a lot of fun for you and your children. Further, teaching writing activities can help your children to be more confident especially when they are about to speak up their thoughts and ideas. Teaching children to write can also make them to be positive but critical people when they are grown up.