Sometimes you think that being college student is not an easy task. You have lots of assignments and you must attend the class on time. You should do all things by yourself and it is harder than when you were in your high school. There are some things that will make you feel frustration and stress. That is why as college student you must know some beneficial activities that you must do. You can do some fun activities o reduce your stress. If you are in the last year of your study and you think that your task is fewer than before, it is time for you to do some beneficial activities. For all of you who want to know some recommended activities to do by college student, you will get the information below.

First beneficial activities that you can do when you are college student is getting course. There are some courses that offered to you. There are some benefits that you will get when you take some courses. First you will be able to expand your ability in doing some activities. Second, you will be able to expand your skill. Having good skill is important especially when you are working in certain company. When you apply job in certain company, you will need to have some skills to be accepted as worker.  You can also join course that is related with your hobby such as cooking course. It is important to join course that is suitable with your passion and your interest.

Second, one of recommended activities to do by college student is getting part time job. When you finish your study you will need to find job. You can learn how to work from doing part time job. There are some people that offer you part time job. You will get double benefits when you get part time job. First you can learn how to work with other people. Second you will get extra money to buy all things. You need to choose part time job with flexible time. It should not disturb your study time too. You can work as tutor, part time waiter or waitress, sales clerk and some other jobs based on your skill and passion.

You are free to choose one of recommended activities to do by college student above as your additional activity during your study. You will get some benefits and you will get new experience from your activities too.