High school student often get homework to create a narrative text. This kind of school task is very common for English or any other language subjects. Of course every student wants to get perfect score for this specific task. If you get this kind of task from your language teacher, you should learn more about narrative text description. This basic knowledge will help you to write a good essay easily. So, you will be one step closer to get biggest score on this fun task! You will get all that you need on these helpful explanations.

Student who will write a great narrative text should love story-telling or imaginative story. There is several type of this text you should know before starting. First, the narrative text story could compose from imaginary tales. Usually, you will find the example of this story on children fairy tale or fable. The second type of this kind of writing consists of one’s experience. Basically, the writer will write the story to tell the readers about his/her experiences. So, it depends on your teacher’s specific requirements about the narrative task itself.

Even though there are some kinds of narrative text, they all have the same structure. You could start to write your piece with orientation part. On this part, writer should give an opening to introduce the story’s characters. These orientation parts also become good way to introduce your writing style, for example: first or third person point of view. If you want to write your own story, you could go with the first person point of view. On the other hand, third person point of view could be used for imaginary story about specific characters.

After the orientation part, you could continue to the complication part. This part could be started with the conflict escalating. For getting better score, you should manage its plot as good as possible. The story could get more than one conflict as well. It is up to the writer to manage the conflict storyline. You should remember that as a writer, you have the main privilege to develop your story. So, don’t be afraid to try new approach for good writing innovations.

Each conflict on the text should be ended with resolutions. On this part, the problems should be solved before your give the re-orientation part. The story could be ended with conclusion or moral which derived from the conflicts. Now, you will be able to write a perfect narrative text with satisfying score.