For preschoolers, science can be said to be a very important part of knowledge which can really be helpful for them in knowing about many things around them. That is why giving science in the early education for them is really suggested to do. The best thing is that there are so many activities can be done in order to teach them about science. The first example is bringing a certain fruit in class, such as pumpkin. This can be followed by some simple questions, such as; does pumpkin has seeds, what can be made from pumpkin, and so on. This can really stimulate their curiosity to know more and more.

Other simple science can be chosen for preschoolers is alphabet. This can be said to be a science activity because there will be things from nature used to represent every natural item you choose. The example is apple for A, butterfly for B, and so on. This way, they will not only be able to learn about alphabets and vocabularies but also all things related to the items you show them. This is the reason why scientific value can also be included in activity.

The last but not least example of science activity can be chosen for preschoolers are observing natural items with magnifying glass. Of course, it is not that you will ask them to deeply research the items. It is only that you will teach them about how to use the magnifier. Besides, they can also get more and more curious about those items. This can be even better if you also prepare some answers for every possible question they could give when observing the items. Other than these examples, there are still so many other ways can be done in order to teach them about science. The sure thing you may not forget in this case is to keep every activity fun so every single thing you teach to them can be remembered better.