Greece is one of the locations where so many clever scientists as well as philosopher live. It makes Greece to be one of the most well-build countries in the world. Aristotle is the most well-known philosophers at that time. For exact, it is about 384 to 322 BC. Lots of books have been created as well as the findings related to the science and facts. Although most of the books are only matched to the ancient rules and lifestyle, some others are really capable to be paired with today’s life. Most of the Aristotle minds also become the basic rules of science that we study today.

Aristotle is famous to be the father of science. In the same time, there are some scientists and philosophers which also have the same field of thinking. In fact, the findings made by Aristotle are always creates polemic. However at the end, the findings are available to be proven. Some of the reactionary philosophies of Aristotle are even debatable until this time. Additionally, he is already contributing much for the world of science itself. Some of terms are made such as quantity, quality, energy, materials and so on.

Born to be the son of doctor makes Aristotle very close to the science from his young age. Some of his famous philosophies are the presence of logic includes mantic science. Mantic science is one of the aspects related to Potentialism Theory. It is the way of thinking which done greatly, goodly and healthy. It seems so simple, but mantic is really needed for constructing better human life at the future time. Some physic, botanical, anatomy as well as experimental psychology are even done to strengthen his argument and thinking. Wide range of subjects that are studied and created by Aristotle has brought the big development of science and philosophy at that era.

Syllogisms by Aristotle even give several explanations about Potentialism Theory. It explains about the general human life especially related to Socrates. In the Major premise, he said that every human will die. Meanwhile, in the minor premise, it says that Socrates is human and the conclusion is Socrates is surely died. Aristotle also uses the concept of deductive and inductive thinking. Deductive relates to the formal logic of human minds, while inductive is closely related to the experiment and observation. Aristotle is also capable in redefining and improving the old-times philosophy and science made by the predecessor. One of them is the five elements which is already spread out by Empedocles.