Homeschooling has become an alternative choice for parents instead of sending their child to public school. The main reason is actually they want their kid to learn based on what they are interested in and things that really matter in life. Their concerns are acceptable since school nowadays is only about who is scoring high and who accept material the fastest. Therefore, it is also a lot of work to do for homeschooling’s teacher or parents who choose to teach their child by themselves to create learning methods which have the best approach for the homeschooler. If you are interested in this material, you should read more this article.

In school, the learning process in class is sometimes only one-way communication which students only sit and heard what the teacher explains. In homeschooling, it should be the other way around. One thing that should be noted by the homeschooling’s teacher that they are present as a facilitator, not teacher. You should ignite the curiosity inside the students. Once they are interested in, guide them to find the answer but try not to give the answer. It is also to teach them the ability to solve the problem based on what they observe and to take responsibility for what has been decided by them.

Teachers in school tend to give information and knowledge to the students as much as they can. Some of them do not really consider how the students are going to process it. That also one of the reasons why students do not know what their potential because they only focus to catch up all of those instead of learning what they like. Therefore, as the facilitator, you should be active in supporting the students when they try to solve problems. Create an environment where the students want and are aware to learn by themselves is also one of the way whats the potential inside of them.

Human honestly is a forever learner and so are the children. Therefore, you as a facilitator should fulfill the students’ curiosity over something that they are interested in. Fulfilling means when they ask something they are curious about, just answer and explain to them clearly even they ask something that might be harmful or should have not been known yet in their age. You can watch over them instead of prohibiting them.

In conclusion, the only best learning methods for homeschooling is when the teacher can be both friend and facilitator so the students are satisfied and comfortable in the learning process.